I've commited to completing a sketch a day for the month of May as part of the #sketchadaymay project on Instagram. You can follow along with the hashtags #sketchadaymay and #SADM17, be sure to follow as well on IG. As always, I am at

Controller 7 - Bumps Mix (2008)

One of my favorite true school hip hop mixes is this one right here from Controller 7.


But You Caint Use My Phone / In Search of A Meaning Less Sound

But You Caint Use My Phone

Dig this review of Erykah's mixtape from Pitchfork - http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/21319-but-you-caint-use-my-phone/ Pitchfork's got all the samples and references down.

I couldnta said it better. Really diggin' the themed, remixed, layered vibe, with well balanced bass and synth elements. Props to Witness for the production. Of course Erykah runs things.


DJ Mala Boiler Room Set

Sick live dubstep vinyl mix from DJ Mala at the Boiler Room, London. Respect.


Murs "The Science"


Paintings on Vango

I've posted a number of original paintings for sale on Vango. Take a look! I'm really excited to be able to offer these works for sale to the public on the Vango platform, they make it super easy to get art out into the world. I've included a link to my Vango profile on the Paintings page of this site, as well as at the end of this blog post.


One (Two) Album

It's finally here. My album One (Two) has been processed, packaged, and served up ready for mass consumption. The album is currently available for listening on Soundcloud, and for listening and purchase (people still buy music these days, right?) on Bandcamp.  7 Bucks. Looking forward to getting it onto your favorite streaming service in the coming weeks. Take a listen. A lot has been happening in my life in the last few years, so it feels good to get some of the music I've been working on in the downtime out there. Looking forward to working with a fresh palette of new tunes.



Posted a new track on ye ol' Soundcloud. Also, re-upped my 2007 release "Making Color Photocopies of Heaven's VIP Pass" there as well.


Arrakis Records - The Spice

Been bumping this compilation from Arrakis Records again recently. Some of Philly's finest! Digs Darklighter, Briz, and company hold down one of my favorite themed label comps on "The Spice", complete with "Dune" samples, philly handstyles on the cover, and plenty of grit.


The Coup - "Dig It"

Just unearthed this gem from the Kill My Landlord album for the first time, I never knew there was a music video! Look out for special appearances from the old school buses with diagonal windows, Black and White Liquors, and the Oakland yards.



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