Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Spirit Incorporated? Is it one person, or a band, or what? Can I join?

Spirit Incorporated is just one person. It started as a name I use for my musical works, and it has evolved into the name I use for music and art works and this website as well. I use other names for other things. You can get down with Spirit Incorporated through the social media links or the contact form on this site, there's not any membership or group to join. I like to collaborate though. Let's make something together.

Where does the name Spirit Incorporated come from? Is it some kind of wierd religious-capitalist thing?

The name Spirit Incorporated has multiple, varied meanings. I am interested in language and the meanings of words, thus, "spirit incorporated" is a kind of play on words. Like "vitamin-fortified" water, there is spirit incorporated into these works. From Google:


The nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.
Convey rapidly and secretly: "stolen cows were spirited away".
noun.  ghost - soul - mind - psyche
verb.  encourage - hearten


  1. Put or take in (something) as part of a whole; include.
  2. Contain or include (something) as part of a whole.
unite - include - combine - merge - embody

These artworks (and all works of art, I would argue) have spirit incorporated into them by definition. The ghost/soul/mind/psyche/soul of me is united/included/combined/merged/embodied in these works.

I am also very much interested in the origins of civilizations, and the people who bring/brought civilizations together. Historically, it was the shamans/priests and the scribes who brought us into contact with the gods, and who communicated with the written word and the language arts. Spirit Incorporated is then also a reference to the realms of elevated language arts and the gods in this way.

The definition of spirit "to convey rapidly and secretly" is intriguing to me as a language junkie, but was not really considered in the original formulation of the name.

Finally, I like to encourage others to create, so the elements of encouraging and heartening in the definition of "spirit" are welcome to me.