True Nature Mix Series

"True Nature" is a 216 minute mix divided into 5 Volumes - Self, Civilization, Media/Politics, Earth, and Spirit. Each volume consists of songs that fit into the theme of that volume. It's a kind of audio journey through ever larger spheres, starting with the individual self (me); moving into civilization (where the self resides); into media/politics (a kind of "culture cloud" created by the civilized world); then earth (home to civilization and life); and finally spirit, the ether in which we all float.

True Nature Vol. 1 - Self

True Nature Vol. 2 - Civilization

True Nature Vol. 3 - Media/Politics

True Nature Vol. 4 - Earth

True Nature Vol. 5 - Spirit


Soul Movement

A 38 minute mix of quality funk and soul tunes that centers around the notion that people and community are what get us through hard times. This is a circular mix - about circles, of people, of the shape of our planet, things cycle round, just as this mix is meant to be played on repeat.

Soul Movement


Get Down

An all vinyl funk mix.

Get Down


Stolen Moments

This mix is a sort of top ten list of influential tunes for me, all mixed on two turntables.

Stolen Moments


Political Thought

Another one of my original mixtapes, from 2001.

Political Thought - Side 1 - Political

Political Thought - Side 2 - Thought


Songs For Sanity

One of my first mixtapes. 2000.

Songs For Sanity - Side 1 - Sanity

Songs For Sanity - Side 2 - (In)Sanity