The Reasons

I’ve been searching for the reasons
why it all comes together
some umbilical cord
between this world and something better
I’ve danced in their alleys
climbed mountains and valleys
swam contaminated rivers
and loved that lady Cali
all in the name of devotion
I never once stopped to rest
it was always a great notion
to fly the fuck out that cuckoo’s nest
cuz going crazy’s not easy
unless you know what you want
I wanted my destiny mapped across the stars
in twisted wildstyle fonts
it was a simple idea

Why I Write

I write for the pain
Of those kids it’s never left
Turnin’ youngins cynical
Old souls smokin’ cigarettes
Still young at heart
Caught in a game of truth or dare
Beware the lion’s fryin’
Beneath those iron stares
I write for those women
Turned old by advertisements
I’ll shred a thousand magazines
And show ‘em what the real lies meant
Take the scattered pieces
And collage a mirage
Ghostly images starin’ back at you
through the mirror’s façade
I write for the fakes
Write twice for the fakers

What Is a Man?

What is a man?
Do you find it in his gimmicks?
Or is a real man
Found beneath all the images?
I prefer the latter
Fuck the man with all the wealth
Real men walk proud
With true knowledge of self
With my woman by my side
I know I truly belong
I stand strong by my beliefs
With the knowledge of right and wrong
I got memories of the past
And visions of what’s to come
Overstanding time
Cuz I know it’s just begun
I’ll fight to protect my loved ones
And know just when to run
But I’d rather be chillin’


I guess I’ve always loved tunnels
Tacked their pictures to my walls
There’s something about those passageways
That call to my spirit
Scrawled hieroglyphics
And the echo of footsteps
Leave memories of moments
In the rhythm of their reps
Nighttime wanderings
Through forgotten aqueducts
Awaken feelings of familiarity
With games of chance and luck
This is where the shamans dwell
And where the angels roost
Where masterpieces are created
And terrible tirades loosed
I know we all forget sometimes

Too Fly 2.0

my rocket boosters loosed
it seems my journey is finally over
i gotta fuel made of lava
and the juices of four leaf clovers
time to blast off, last cough
to clear my throat
then it's off to space camp
singing "that's all she wrote"
unplug the mainframe
cash your last unemployment claim
whether leaving earth or working again
the shit circulates the same
like a cool evening breeze
over the waste treatment facility
you know God's trying to work you
to the best of your abilities
but the well stays frozen

Stairway to Heaven

This stairway to heaven’s
lined with tears and last goodbyes
Forgotten memories
shrugs and bad advice
But I was ready to go
to take my place in the celestial dance
Till I left my color VIP passes
in my other pair of pants
It’s like nice guys finish last
and the fakes don’t finish at all
They’re too busy stacking bricks
trying to keep y’all on the other side of the wall
It’s the cynics who finish first
thinking “I’ll never get there anyway”
They just do it how they feel it
and get there right away

Ode to Jon Gill

Run for the hills
One thousand five hundred meters
Jon Gill making a beeline
Between Santiam and race leader
Tracktown Pizza robbery
Collecting Olympic trinkets
Straight to Smoke River Solitaire
I can make it if I can think it
While I breathe I hope
On pace to meet the maker
A dollar fifty a day
For seven hours of hard labor
Cheap shoes and blue socks
The clock’s ticking on Athens
Making the days count
Just hoping that it will happen
They want to see me fail
Can’t stand my Cool Hand Luke defiance


Your life is your life
And my life is mine
So when lifetimes combine
It’s like something divine
There could be two paths running parallel
That never connect
Or two paths that collide
In a tumultuous wreck
Tangents and cosines
Fighting the wrong angles
Trying to get right
Like an isosceles triangle
(but that’s only half the picture square)
it’s finding the other piece that’s so rare
I mean
I’ve had mad opportunities to relate to people
You just take that step
Show some respect to the connectedness

Euclidean Headphone Suite

I’m just a
Patternform contortion
Six pennies in a jar
Plus an expired bus pass
Won’t get me real far
So I
Two step my way
To the sounds of red clay
Head nodding haywire
Cuz I’m feelin it today
Motherfuckers all like
“that cat was cool till he started in with all that jazz”
never knowing my ancient Walkman
adds years of hip to my waistbelt
They can’t fuck with my E. S. P.
I walk aloof to commentary
the hihat carries my conversation
fat tones
sax moans
trombonal tirades against silence


Time and again
I mend a broken purpose
Playing ringleader
To this one trick pony circus
But that mare’s got legs
She can gallop like the wind
The only problem is
She don’t know when to begin
She jumps for no one
And sleeps most of the time
But feed her a cup of courage
And she’ll go on a dime
We all call her Des
Short for Desdemona’s Destiny
I’m tellin’ you right now
That old horse’ll get the best of me
Testing my patience
And working me to the bone
My purpose seems worthless


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