Your life is your life
And my life is mine
So when lifetimes combine
It’s like something divine
There could be two paths running parallel
That never connect
Or two paths that collide
In a tumultuous wreck
Tangents and cosines
Fighting the wrong angles
Trying to get right
Like an isosceles triangle
(but that’s only half the picture square)
it’s finding the other piece that’s so rare
I mean
I’ve had mad opportunities to relate to people
You just take that step
Show some respect to the connectedness
And realign perception
Like Buddhist monks
And tree trunks
Bending toward the light
My foresight foresees future positivity
And sails new seas repeatedly
it’s like trying to constantly find
A way to unwind
The ideas and thoughts
Building up in the mind
Time to work it right
Branch out
Touch the void
Avoid the vines
That tear you down
And take your breath
Fight for yours
‘Til nothing’s left
On this world of ours
Tomorrow’s just around the corner
And we’re running out of time
If you stop and think for a second
You’ll get lost in god’s mix
You better come correct
And spit something sick…