Stairway to Heaven

This stairway to heaven’s
lined with tears and last goodbyes
Forgotten memories
shrugs and bad advice
But I was ready to go
to take my place in the celestial dance
Till I left my color VIP passes
in my other pair of pants
It’s like nice guys finish last
and the fakes don’t finish at all
They’re too busy stacking bricks
trying to keep y’all on the other side of the wall
It’s the cynics who finish first
thinking “I’ll never get there anyway”
They just do it how they feel it
and get there right away
I got one for the extraordinary
two for those I’ll never forget
I’d make it through those gates in no time
if I could only let go of my regrets
I’ll meet you at the finish
some hare meets the tortoise ish
9th inning full count
tiebreaker rocking the fortress
shit did I forget to mention
heightened blood pressure and tension
one way toll road
to Mordor or ascension
and those fires burn bright
while the clouds soar to new heights
I gotta make it alright
before my insides eat their way to sunlight
I got four lines left
before I reach the pages’ edge
To spit a beautiful metaphor
or quit while I’m ahead
Calling all angels
grandmaster Azael’s reworking the angles
Falling from Heaven
in theories newfangled
Wings at the ready
echoes of Icarus perverse
Diving from paradise
by ascension in reverse
Which route would you choose?
Striving for the sun and falling to the sea,
Or jumping ship from heaven
to escape almighty He?
I ain’t taking no sides
but Azael’s taking it to the max
Icarus was trippin’
trying to fly with wings of wax