The Reasons

I’ve been searching for the reasons
why it all comes together
some umbilical cord
between this world and something better
I’ve danced in their alleys
climbed mountains and valleys
swam contaminated rivers
and loved that lady Cali
all in the name of devotion
I never once stopped to rest
it was always a great notion
to fly the fuck out that cuckoo’s nest
cuz going crazy’s not easy
unless you know what you want
I wanted my destiny mapped across the stars
in twisted wildstyle fonts
it was a simple idea
born of cold nights alone
I needed something to believe in
maybe a girl to call my own
at least I needed a vision
a good reason to exist
and it was always easy to find
in a pretty thang I’ve kissed
I’ve lived for those dark days
and cried when they came
I’ve seen fate rear its ugly head
then melt into the flames
I’ve seen dreams lost and great thoughts
tossed into the waves
promises and desires
sent to early graves
I’ve stood on tall cliffs
smoked spliffs and prayed
even offerings of sage
won’t calm the waters
in which I wade
where are those reasons which I seek
I’m feeling a little weak
and making moves is kinda hard
when I only get four hours of sleep
I’m fiending for the answers
playing chicken with cancer
who’s gonna flinch first?
she’s the song I’m the dancer
taking seven steps to heaven
then six more to her arms
every day it gets harder
to resist her deadly charms
now the world turns faster
every second I’m awake
and I’m sittin’ measuring time
by how many cigarette drags I take
the reasons are getting fuzzy
on my radar screen
I got the muse thinking “where was he?”
when she visited me in my dreams
I was off heckling the angels
trying to get a piece of ass
and making color photocopies
of heaven’s VIP pass
so when the muse came and went
I paid her no attention
I was pulled over on the shoulder
trying to find a shortcut to ascension
did I mention her appearance
the power of her attire?
sunglasses on clearence
and a miniskirt of fire
yeah she’s foxy that muse
always came at the oddest times
constantly kept me confused
with all her symbols and signs
I could interpret them forever
but where the fuck are the reasons?
sometimes it seems that she’ll tell me
but I know she’s just teasing
I gotta find them on my own
this is my wayward journey
I better learn her lessons quick
or I know she’s gonna burn me
leave me for some other guy
that’ll listen to her tales
she’s giving me one last chance
now I know I can never fail
so come on muse
and bring it on strong
I admit it I love you
so let’s let this night last long
fuck them reasons