What Is a Man?

What is a man?
Do you find it in his gimmicks?
Or is a real man
Found beneath all the images?
I prefer the latter
Fuck the man with all the wealth
Real men walk proud
With true knowledge of self
With my woman by my side
I know I truly belong
I stand strong by my beliefs
With the knowledge of right and wrong
I got memories of the past
And visions of what’s to come
Overstanding time
Cuz I know it’s just begun
I’ll fight to protect my loved ones
And know just when to run
But I’d rather be chillin’
Kickin’ it havin’ fun
There’s a time for everything
And purpose hidden behind the eyes
INI seek truth and praise the most high
Elevate your conscious state
Underneath it all you’ll find
No gods and no masters
They’re all created in the mind
A real man knows this
This knowledge makes him great
He know just when to act
and knows just when to wait