Why I Write

I write for the pain
Of those kids it’s never left
Turnin’ youngins cynical
Old souls smokin’ cigarettes
Still young at heart
Caught in a game of truth or dare
Beware the lion’s fryin’
Beneath those iron stares
I write for those women
Turned old by advertisements
I’ll shred a thousand magazines
And show ‘em what the real lies meant
Take the scattered pieces
And collage a mirage
Ghostly images starin’ back at you
through the mirror’s façade
I write for the fakes
Write twice for the fakers
It takes two times the hydro
To fully water those acres
Squares to circles
And vultures to smithereens
Y’all better start gathering rainwater
To save those ragin’ pre-teens
The fires’ve been set
No qualms and no regrets
This purple mountain majesty’s
‘bout to burn yer fruited plains and jet
now it’s back to the lab again
to mourn my forgotten peers
lying by the waste side
tryna bling back fallen tears
sporting trends, spurning friends
and running outta ends
no wonder this capitalist system
seems unable to lend
no helping hands and no favors
just call me Santa Vader
sweetening the blade of this harpoon
while y’all are spittin’ out lifesavers
cuz I’m the tightest rope hope-er
this side of the seven seas
in this tug of war of twits
y’all best come follow me